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Why are ladies’ ministry retreats important?

Why are they needed?

Why do women need to get away?

Meriam Webster defines a retreat as “a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director.”

I love that the definition includes the word “withdrawal.”

Something special happens when you physically gather women away from the church and away from their daily responsibilities and distractions for the sole purpose of spending time in the Word.


  1. Relationship building

  2. Concentrated time studying God’s Word

  3. Discovering deeper/new meaning to a section of scripture

  4. Increasing Biblical knowledge

  5. Times of prayer with other women

  6. Sharing experiences with one another

  7. Encouragement from other women

  8. Times of refreshment and renewal

  9. Quiet moments to hear from the Holy Spirit

  10. Sacred moments of worship

  11. Laughter and fun

  12. Concentrated time together with friends (old and new)

  13. Biblical guidance and counseling from wise women

  14. Adult conversations

  15. Spiritual growth

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