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I hear the voice of the Lord saying, “My beloved daughter, the time has come that you must separate yourself from this world like the wheat separates itself from the chaff at Harvest time. For the hour is growing near and the saints will rise to gather in the harvest. But who will go? Who is worthy? I am looking for a Bride that is Holy, without spot, blemish or even a wrinkle. I am calling you to Holiness. Examine yourself and repent of that which is not of God.

Seek My face, not My hand. I will provide for your every need because you are Mine, but I want you to seek My face. Know Me on a grander scale. Know My character. Trust Me. Invite me in to do a work within you that cannot be accomplished without Me. Do not become complacent because you feel you are more spiritual that those you stand beside. Your journey is your journey and no one can walk it for you. Do not compare yourself for the calling I have placed on your life is different than others. Holiness, righteousness and sanctification is a must.

Learn to hear the voice of the Lord. The closer you become, the more I can reveal to you. I long to have conversations with you that are continual. I will pour out My Spirit upon you and you will be able to heal the sick, to open blinded eyes, make the lame to walk again. I will save your entire household. Are you willing to pay the price for My Spirit? I cannot and will not use a vessel that is unclean and uncontrolled. Victories awaits you for I fight for My children. Be strong in the Lord, be vigilant, be courageous and be bold, saith the Lord God.”

Susan Bolinger - Bloom Ladies Ministry

Faith in God is not just a temporary outward emotion that onlookers catch a glimpse of now and then. Faith in God is not a temporary emotional outburst or high. Faith in God is believing that even when we can’t see, we know God is working all things out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Faith in God is in the good times and bad. Faith in God is in the joyous times and the weeping. Faith in God is when the storms and waves are raging, we are sure the ANCHOR HOLDS. Faith in God is knowing that my God can and will accomplish what He has set out to do. Faith is not moved by circumstances, our circumstances are moved by FAITH!

-Kirstie Cornett

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What a powerful image! 🙌📖

There is nothing more powerful to cleanse the soul than the blood of Jesus and His holy Word. His word will cause demons to flee, satan to step back, and your enemies to scatter. Stay immersed in His Word and you will find cleansing from sin, peace in the storm, and in Whom your strength lies. The battle is not ours, it is the Lord’s.

-Kirstie Cornett

(Photo Credit: MB Busch)

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