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Bloom Process Endorsements

Estimates are that about one-third of the women who sit on our church pews have been abused, many physically and sexually assaulted, at some point in their lives. Out of that pain, and other hurts, many of us have made terrible mistakes, committed sins, or have held on to the pain because of fear of dealing with the issues. As a result, we aren’t free to love God or others; we aren’t free to serve; we aren’t free to witness; we aren’t free to worship. My friend and dear sister, and woman of God, Susan Bolinger, has developed a Spirit-anointed process through which you can be set free, once and for all. Your worship can be different! Your family can be different! Your whole life can be different! It’s hard work but it’s so worth it. And you aren’t working alone. The Spirit is working alongside you, all the way. There is hope! I urge you to read Bloom and pray your way through it. Listen to the Spirit who is speaking and creating a new you! And then give this book to other sisters who may also be bound. You may be the key to their deliverance!
Kimberly Ervin Alexander, PhD

Ramp School of Ministry

Hamilton, AL

Susan Bolinger has been a friend of mine for many years. She was the first person to make me feel welcome when I visited the church that we attend together. Her smile and kindness made me feel at ease on a day that was filled with uncertainty and trepidation! She has a beautiful heart that longs to see others set free in the same way that she was years ago, and this book is an extension of that desire! I have been through the Bloom process with her several times through the years, and now help her teach the process to other women. During the Bloom process, we have the honor of helping others recognize areas of their lives that are not lining up with the Word of God, and then give them the tools to deal with these issues of life. It is a glorious sight to watch the unfolding of freedom that comes session after session as burdens, hurts and bondages are laid to rest. This book provides the reader with the tools needed to examine different areas of their life and recognize where healing is needed. It is both scripturally based and practical in nature while also touching the very heart of the reader. I look forward to hearing about the many lives that will be changed through the Bloom process!
Dawn Marie

Bloom Ministry Leader

What a blessing it has been to be a part of what the Lord has done in the lives of women during the Bloom process! In all my years of ministry, I have watched first-hand the transformation that a relationship with Jesus Christ can bring many times. Watching this process during a Bloom Retreat is extra special to me. My life and ministry have been forever changed by watching the Holy Ghost sweep through a group of women and bring restoration to each layer of their brokenness. Creating an event in time for every woman to recollect as the time when Christ came in and turned it all around is so memorable. To share in the joy and relief that each woman experiences is priceless. To stand shoulder to shoulder with them as we lay our baggage down, builds lasting connections and relationships that are forged in victory! To see them emerge from the weekend with new perspective and freedom is a memory that stays with you forever. Praising Him!

Jennifer Satterfield

Former Bloom Teacher

Maryville, TN

I have been blessed to teach the Bloom Sessions with Susan for several years. What a wonderful thing to have all this great information together in this book. The Word is always educational, the study inspiring, and above all, this is life-changing! God has healed me more than a time or two, physically, mentally, and emotionally during these Bloom Sessions! He has saved me, delivered me and set me free! He allowed me to personally know Him as my Heavenly Father. I was 11 years old when I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I’ve had the privilege of teaching Sunday School in the Adult Class and Children on Wednesday Nights. I loved teaching small groups and had the blessing of facilitating Post Abortion Healing classes. I love to see women set free from the chains of life the enemy placed on them. I’ve learned how to act and be a person of a Royal Priesthood!! I look forward to seeing my Lord and knowing it will be worth it all.

Sherry Montgomery

Former Bloom Teacher

Knoxville, TN

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