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Are You All-In?

Updated: Apr 7

The Lord wants so much to impact your life on a daily basis. He desires to show off big in your life so others around you will know the power and might of your God.

The Lord cannot pour out His Spirit on an unsubmitted soul.

You must be all in, 100%. You must strive for Him, sanctify yourself for Him, love Him with everything within you. Many want deliverance and to just wake up and be that Christian that does everything right, says everything right and never has a flaw… but that is not going to happen. You have your part and God has His part. You’ve got to take the first step.

God will not do something “supernaturally” in your life, until you do something sacrificially for Him.

You do what you can, and then He will do the rest. Little is much with the Lord. He is the One Who can do anything! Nothing is impossible for God! You must set yourself apart from this world. You are different because of Christ. Reach for Him with everything that’s in you and He will do amazing, abundant and supernatural things in your life.

Susan Bolinger - Bloom Ladies Ministry

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