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How to Forgive Yourself A Summer Series, Day 7

10 Reasons you should forgive yourself.

Reason 4

The degree to which you forgive yourself will directly relate to your usefulness in your life.

When I am wallowing in self-pity (victim mentality), I am of little use to others. Not forgiving is paralyzing. It will stop you dead in your tracks. How can you help encourage others when you are consumed with your own failures?

When you are in a state such as this, the enemy has placed cement shoes on you preventing you from moving forward in what God has for you — freedom! If you don’t feel free, then in essence you are bound and when a person is bound, they live in their own prison in their minds. Depression, anxiety, hopelessness and negativity sets in and you live in despair.

When you live like this, it will prevent you from sharing Christ with others successfully. Why would the world want what you have when all they see is that you are in shackles and chains? The Lord cannot use you in the fullness of His will when you CHOOSE to remain bound by the enemy. Let it go! Let it all go and receive His forgiveness so you can forgive others. Freedom awaits you!

Susan Bolinger - Bloom Ladies Ministry

Bloom - A Process to Achieve Complete Forgiveness

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