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Jesus Is Still The Only Way

When Jesus spoke to the woman caught in the act of adultery, he did not condemn her or throw up her mistakes in her face and shake His finger at her as the religious scribes and pharisees were trying to do, but instead, he instructed her to go forward and SIN NO MORE!

Don’t get stuck on your past sin and failures, and do not mistake Jesus‘s words “sin no more” for an impossible task to be achieved. The Lord it’s simply saying repent and turn from your past ways and choose his way, which is LIFE.

He will go with you every step of the way to keep you from falling. It is possible to seek to live a holy, righteous life, in right standing with HIM! It is not an impossible task, as the enemy would try to deceive you into believing.

We may make mistakes along the way, but I rest in the knowledge of His word when He says My mercies are renewed morning by morning! Rest in His promises and take His hand, He will lead the way, you simply must make the choice to follow!💕 (John 8:1-12)

-Kirstie Cornett

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