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Reach for Me with Your Whole Heart

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, “Reach for Me with your whole heart, and come expecting to receive that which you long for. Don’t hold back for I have the answer to your every issue. I know others have hurt you. Your heart is tender and has been hurting for such a long time. When you come to me in faith believing, and you do not doubt, I will answer you. It may not be the exact way you desire, but I know what is best for your life.

I desire to heal your body, your soul and your mind. Every sin, transgression and iniquity has been paid for by the shedding of My blood on the cross. I will always answer when your faith is pure. It is My perfect will that everyone is healed… but do you believe they can be healed? It’s your faith that activates My healing Power. Reach for Me with your whole heart and I will answer, saith the Lord, your God.”

Luke 8:43-48

Susan Bolinger - Bloom Ladies Ministry

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