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Self Inflicted

Reflecting back on my life, most of the times when I endured the most hardship was due as a result of my own actions. I choose to satisfy my own desires, or I done it “my way” instead of waiting on the Lord to move on my behalf and doing it His way. I’ve hurt many people by living life that way. I ended up bringing devastation upon my life I never saw coming. The consequences of disobedience is a higher price than what we ever thought we would have to pay. In fact, I didn’t even consider the cost of my actions. How selfish can one be?

I self-inflicted more hurt upon myself by doing it “my way”. I was my own worst enemy and still even today, if I don’t keep check on myself to line up with the Word of God, I could easily get off track. I have spoken words to myself that has held me back more than anyone else. Words matter. They can bless or they can curse. I have talked to myself in such a way that I would never allow anyone else to talk to me that way… why would I do that to myself? I realized I was allowing the enemy to remind me of past mistakes, the words he spoke was factual, but they were no longer the truth.

TRUTH always trumps facts!

I decided I was no longer going to speak anything negative over myself or others. I was no longer going to push the dagger into my heart for Jesus Christ saved me, redeemed me, He set me free, and He gave me a new name written down in Glory!

Now I choose to decree and declare the Word of God over myself, over my family, over my church and over my country. I have the ability to bless with my words and that’s what I long to do. No more curses, no more speaking death. I speak life - abundant life, because Jesus is life!

Susan Bolinger - Bloom Ladies Ministry

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