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She is Yours

You are the God who sees. In the darkest nights and in the brightest days, you never change. Through it all, your love remains. Through every tear soaked battle, and every joy filled laugh, your love remains. You are the same yesterday, today, and forever more. Though the seasons my change, and time fadeaway, you have never changed. From her battle worn knees, to her tear soaked floors, you have been her hiding place, her shelter from every storm.

Not one pleading cry or desperate question have gone unheard by the ears of the Master. He who holds your future is always near. From the changing leaves in fall, to the beautiful smile of a stranger, He surrounds you with signs of His unending love.

In new life, or the passing of old, we see the glimmer of hope that you have displayed for us, a hope of a future one day with you forevermore. So until that day comes, Lord surround her with your love. Let her capture the glimpses of your love while she is here on this earth. Let her be that flicker of hope to someone in need. Lead her and guide her in the paths that she must go Lord.

Daughter, remain and abide in His steadfast hope, always fixing your eyes on the promises of your Father. His promises are yes and amen for you! Though the winds may blow and the waters may rage, His love for you will never change. In the dark times, as well as the bright times, put your trust in Him who can never fail. He will keep you and propel you to levels you never could have imagined on your own. Surrender all to Him, and watch as His masterpiece unfolds all around you, oh daughter of the Most High King.

-Kirstie Cornett

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