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When we hit the place in our lives where we finally realize some things are truly more than we can handle, we tend to throw our hands up in surrender. And that surrender can happen in one of two ways.

We might surrender to the enemy, giving in to those feelings that this isn’t fair, God isn’t there, and God isn’t good. Or, we can surrender to God. This kind of surrender isn’t giving in; it’s giving up! Giving up carrying the weight of all that’s too much for us to our God, who not only can carry it but use it for good.

So those things that have left us bombarded with burdens? Weighed down with wondering? Desperately trying to make sense of things that don’t make sense?

God doesn’t expect us to handle them. He wants us to hand them over to Him.

Here is a prayer we can lift up today:

Father, I come to You, a woman worn out from trying to do everything in my own strength. A woman ready to accept Your invitation to surrender. Today I say that I give up. I give up carrying the weight of all that’s too much for me. Take this, Lord. Take all of this hard and all of this hurt and use it for good. I trust Your love for me and Your plans for me. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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