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Unnecessary Weights

Unnecessary weights… that’s what Satan loves to place on your shoulders. It’s not just one thing, but many things. Really anything he can possibly use against you. Unnecessary weight causes you stress and anxiety. It causes something small feel like a huge mountain that weighs you down.

What are those unnecessary weights? …the biggest one is unforgiveness. That is something that not only weighs you down today, but it reaches back to the past so you can’t have a future. It keeps you trapped back in time as if the offense just happened. It takes your peace and steals your joy. Another one is busyness. We are all so “busy” we can’t enjoy family, friends, church, or just time alone in the secret place with the Lord.

Learn to say no. It’s okay. You can’t do everything, but I do encourage you to put your life in the right order. God, family church. Not sports, not the lake, not hobbies or even social media. More to come on this subject.

Scripture: Matthew 6:33

Susan Bolinger - Bloom Ladies Ministry

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