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About Susan


Susan Bolinger

Susan was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. She has been a Christian since the age of nine years old and was baptized in the Holy Spirit at the age of 14. Susan has been raised in the Church of God since birth by her parents Charles and Jean Pruitt. She has three brothers, whom all sing and are active in leadership in their respective churches. Susan has been married to her husband Randy since 1987 and they have twin sons, Alex and Zach. Susan and Randy went through five years of fertility challenges. They tried many different types of fertility drugs, went through countless tests, surgery, and endured five miscarriages before the Lord blessed them with twin boys. Alex and Zach were an answer to years of prayers and fulfilled her dream of becoming a mother. Susan has worked in church ministry in many different capacities through the years, however, her passion has always been in music and Ladies’ Ministries. “My parents always made us kids be involved in church whether we wanted to or not. It wasn’t a question of, ‘Do you want to participate’ it was, ‘Which part are you going to do?’ It was being raised like this that church became very important to me, I wanted to be involved and I wasn’t afraid to do it. Because my parents did this, they helped prepare me for future ministry.” Since then, Susan held positions at South Knoxville Church of God as the Children’s Ministry Leader and Drama Director. After 29 years at South Knoxville, the Lord led her and her family to Dutch Valley Church of God where she was a Praise Team Leader, Events Coordinator, Website Administrator, Care Team Ministry Leader, Assistant Choir Director, and Ladies’ Ministry Director. Susan was at Dutch Valley for 19 years before moving to Redemption Harvest Church where she was the Worship Leader. In 2017 Susan founded Bloom Ladies’ Ministry with the aid of Jennifer Satterfield and Dawn Marie. Bloom is a unique ministry which helps ladies heal and break free from a life of poor choices, hurt, and unforgiveness so they can become who God intended them to be in the future. “I don’t have any formal training in church ministry, but I have been in church working for the Lord wherever a need may arise my entire life. This has given me an educational background through life experiences. True ministry is, ‘seeing a need and meeting that need.’ Use what the Lord gives you, to the best of your abilities, and He will supply the rest of what is needed to complete the task. I love the Lord with all my heart. We must share Jesus with this dying world. People have no hope because they do not know our God the way we do. We must let Jesus shine through our lives.” 

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