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Be Still

Be Still

As I driving one evening at sunset, the Lord had me drive by the lake and He asked me to look at the skies reflection on the water. The beautiful rainbow colors reflected in the sunset was reflected perfectly on the water. He gently whispered the words “Be Still”. He tenderly told me that when we are “still”, the reflection of our surroundings can be seen on the water’s surface. But when we are not content and we try to do “this or that” to make something happen, all it accomplishes is it muddies the water. It causes waves and things get rocky. The water becomes murky and you can no longer see things clearly on the water… it’s gone.

The Lord doesn’t want you to be anxious or hopeless, for in Him there is perfect peace. When we sit at the feet of Jesus and we are “still”, then He will give us clarity about our situation and He will give us clear direction for our lives. When we are still, there is no need for words, just rest in His arms and let the Lord do the talking. Allow the Lord the opportunity to speak gently to your heart. Whatever you are facing today the Lord wants to give you clear direction but He does need you to come to Him to sit at His feet and just “be still”.

Susan Bolinger - Bloom Ladies Ministry

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