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How to Forgive Yourself A Summer Series, Day 10

10 Reasons you should forgive yourself.

Reason 7

It enables you to fulfill ALL God has for you.

Perfect love keeps no record of wrong doings. When Jesus Christ forgives you of a sin, it’s gone! Nothing... not one thing remains. When we have forgiven someone for an indiscretion, we no longer bring up that incident, we do not dwell on it, because it is forgiven. We must do the same with ourselves. When the Lord forgives you — don’t ever bring it up again because He doesn’t remember it. It’s not that He can’t remember it, He CHOOSES not to remember it and you need to do the same. If someone else reminds you of your past, “don’t receive it” and if they are throwing it in your face, then REBUKE them! That is Satan working through them.

The reason to leave the past in the past is exactly the same reason for it’s name… it’s the PAST! You’re are at a point where you need to build yourself up in the Lord by reading His Word daily. The gifts and callings the Lord placed on your life will “always remain in place”. They will always belong to YOU. No one else can do your ministry. No one else can have your purpose or your promises. What is yours, is yours. You are one of a kind. You are now free to become what God intended for your life and to fulfill the purpose for which you were created. What an amazing feeling! Don’t allow a single person to stop you from fulfilling your God-given purpose, for you will find a level of happiness and true contentment when you are being obedient to His call.

Susan Bolinger - Bloom Ladies Ministry

Bloom - A Process to Achieve Complete Forgiveness

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