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How to Forgive Yourself A Summer Series, Day 12

10 Reasons you should forgive yourself.

Reason 9, Part 1

Your mental and emotional health is at stake. Most people don’t want to deal with unforgiveness, because it brings up the weight of guilt they carry within their hearts.

Most professional counselors will tell you the biggest issue their patients deal with is guilt. It cripples our minds and our emotions. Christ wants us to be guilt-free, and He secured a way for you to receive it.

Tomorrow we will talk specifically about “Guilt”. Is it TRUE guilt from CONVICTION from the Lord OR is it FALSE Guilt from CONDEMNATION. That’s the kind of guilt Satan places on YOU.

This is “must know” information that will help you to be an OVERCOMER!!!

Susan Bolinger - Bloom Ladies Ministry

Bloom - A Process to Achieve Complete Forgiveness

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