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One of a Kind

I look around and see all the trees and flowers and how beautiful they are. All the different kinds and the intricate details of each. They are all different and there are no two alike. Yet, when God created mankind, He created us in His image. How amazing is that? God literally pressed Himself into the ground and Adam got up. We are the most important thing on the earth to Him. Nothing else is more important. As we look at each other, our characteristics are different, we have different colored skin, the color of our eyes are different, some people are skinny and others have big noses. Some people are bald and others have different colored hair.

The point is, we are all unique. You are one of a kind to the Lord. No one can take your place. No one can do your calling. No one can do your ministry like God has designed you to do. Your life matters and God wants to use you to fulfill the calling He has placed on you to help populate Heaven. He has incredible plans for you because you are One Of A Kind!

Susan Bolinger - Bloom Ladies Ministry

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