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Bloom Process Testimonials

I don't even know how to put into words what this experience has been for me. God's hand was upon me so heavy in this process! When I walked into the first night of Bloom, I didn't know what to expect. I had dealt with so much hurt and pain throughout my life that ran deep to my core. So many unresolved issues that I had tried to outrun because I thought it was easier to run from them, than to confront them. But each week God would reveal new things to me that I had forgotten and buried long ago in a dark corner of my heart and mind, marked “Pain - Do Not Open”. My own little compartment size boxes, big and small of things that I had dealt with throughout my life. Week by week I would sort and open one box after another and God would heal and hold me through the painful memories, then He would toss the empty box away never to bring it up again. I truly believe within my heart God did a full reconstruction of my heart, mind, and soul on this journey. My thought patterns started to change, I was beginning to feel lighter in my heart and how I would view other people's pain when they would lash out for no reason. God had given me instructions on how to cover My Baggage Bag; it was so precise. I wanted full healing without nothing left unturned or uncovered. As I watched My Baggage Bag turn to ashes the last night of Bloom, I thought how freeing and how for the first time in years my past mistakes, hurts all the pain I had buried was gone and didn't define me nor hold me a prisoner because as scripture clearly tells us, “So, if the Son makes you free, then you are unquestionably free.” John 8:36 AMP

Tammy H.

To say that Bloom changed my life is an understatement! Did I want to face my past? Did I want to relive past hurts? Did I want to admit I was bound by anger, hurt, fear and pain? Did I want it all to become REAL by putting it on paper? Best decision I ever made. Through the tears and prayer my heart softened. The Lord kept giving me things to write down because he knew I needed this cleansing. Session after session, I couldn't wait for the next. Things I thought I had overcome, I found myself revisiting and knew I had only pushed it as far down as I could rather than overcome, but the Lord knew. The last day was amazing and chains and bondage were broken but one last hurt still clouded my mind. Could I be free from this too? After all these years, please Lord ! Deliver me from this also. That same night in revival I went up for prayer for something totally different but the Lord had other plans. The preacher whom I had never met, didn't ask what I needed prayer for as he did the previous people, he just began to pray. He then told me to look up to the Lord and he said "You shall have peace", saith the LORD! WHAT A CONFIRMATION! I have not been the same and never will be. I am free. Everything flows through my body freely thanks to BLOOM and JESUS CHRIST my Lord and Savior.

Marie M.

I came into the Bloom process thinking "poor me and all of the trials I have been through in life and the hurt I have experienced." I have built so many walls so people could not hurt me. As each meeting went along I realized with each step, to forgive people who hurt me and the people that I have hurt and let go of the silly things I was holding on to. In some ways I was making things worse by thinking I wanted people to just acknowledge the things they had done. As I would listen to Susan speak, I realized each week I was holding myself hostage to all of that junk that didn't even matter. Let It Go & forgive! Replace with more positive things in my heart and my mind. Because in the end none of that stuff really matters. Because I do want to be a better wife, mother, daughter, and a sister. But most of all to make sure that I reach heaven and be with the One who really matters.

Sherry C.

I have been saved for many years now probably 35. I spent many services in church feeling inadequate, doubting being saved, feeling as though no one could get close enough to help me, just had many issues of unbelief. A friend invited me to Bloom and it literally changed my life. But I knew it was the Holy Spirit working in my life. Now I feel clean forgiven, I feel like I have power in prayer again as though when I first believed on Jesus. I pray blessings on this ministry and all who go through it. Susan is a special lady gift from God! 

Jennifer G.

First of all, Bloom means so much to me. I really cannot express adequately how it has helped me. Bloom helped rekindle my relationship with the Lord. The day I walked into your house last year for the first Bloom session, I had not been to church in quite sometime. I had been to church off and on, however I did not have a church family for approximately 8-10 years. I accepted the Lord as my personal savior when I was 12 years old. I knew the way I should go. For the most part I have lived a moral and ethical life. However, I knew that was not what it takes to make heaven my home. I knew I needed to rekindle my relationship with the Lord.  So let me take you back a bit. I had been struggling with anger and unforgiveness concerning my family for 10 years. I thought that anger and unforgiveness had went away or at least I had buried it so far down I was not planning on digging it back up. However, through other family disputes, I was beginning to feel the anger rise up in me once again. Susan, I cannot explain to you this feeling. It was more than just anger, it was rage. I can tell you that I was truly angry and had deep hatred in my heart. I also knew that this was something that I could not carry anymore. The anger that I felt 10 years ago was the same type of anger/unforgiveness that was rising up inside of my heart again. I knew that anger I had 10 years ago had harmed my close relationship with the Lord. I also knew that I was going to have to do something about it. By the way, in those 10 years I had never stopped praying, but my light was very dim. So now this brings me to the morning I was sitting in my car before work angry and hurt. The devil would really work on my mind while I was alone in my car before and after work. I can’t explain it. Sometimes those were the times, I was the angriest. I was by myself and I could dwell on who did me wrong and what I should do back to them. I saw on your Facebook that you were about to start a new bloom session. I really cannot remember what the FB post said. However, that sweet familiar voice told me I needed to do your Bloom Process. I sent you a message and you sent me the best response. “I was hoping you would contact me. The Lord brought you to my mind last week,” was your response.  It was like the Lord was telling me, “See there, I told you that you need to go.” When you sent that response, it was the Lord confirming that I needed to do this. So I started the Bloom Process. I have learned so much from the Bloom process. One of the most important things to me, is when you were talking about giving your poison to the Lord. I realized that I had all this poison (anger & unforgiveness) inside of me that the Lord wanted me to give him. I did not want any of this junk anymore. I learned about generational curses and generational blessings. I began to realize that certain unforgiveness and hurts has been handed down to be because it was not handled between my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles. It has made me wonder how far back the jealousy and rage actually goes. I knew that I did not want to carry this family torch anymore!! The buck was going to stop with me. The last session of the Bloom Process is one of the most important. I nailed my baggage to the cross. I am here to tell you, I meant it !! I nailed that poison down!! I don’t want this junk anymore in my life. I don’t want to carry anger, resentment and hurt anymore. I do not want this family torch!! I want my identity to be in Christ Jesus, the one who was nailed to the cross for my sins, the one who rose from the grave, and the one who will return for his bride!!


I want to start by saying thank you for your gentle persistence, and the Holy Spirits tug at my heart. I was saved at 10 years old and I FEEL the EXACT same way as that day. I have so much freedom. I have been set FREE!!!! You had asked me three times to do the Bloom Process, and twice I said no. I am so very thankful that the third time, my answer was yes. The week before class began, I had several things and people re-enter my life again. At the time, I did not think much about it. Our first Saturday morning that we met... I woke up very anxious and struggling about coming. Thoughts swirling around in my head: What if someone finds out what is inside of me? What if something about me is revealed and they go tell everyone else? I can’t let others know how truly messed up I am. This went on ALL morning long. The drive to the first session I received a phone call on the way… “Why are you doing this class? There is no hope for you, girl.” That struck a chord in me that there was truly no hope for me. As I pulled into that driveway, I felt as if my heart was going to leap out of my chest. I got out of that car and literally, I did not think my legs were going to carry me. You welcomed me with open arms. At that moment, I literally wanted to crumble and weep. I felt as if I had entered a safe zone. That very first session, I literally cried ALL the way through!! Broken! Dirty! Unlovable! Insecure! I could keep going on with negative words that I felt that day. We were given a brown paper bag and told to put our names on it “Becca’s Baggage” and given post it notes. I knew as Susan started that very first morning that I would need a bigger bag and sticky pads. Let’s move to the 2nd Saturday: Ladies!!! I was so excited to get up and get my clothes on!!! I had done my homework. My small little brown bag was almost full (yes, you read that correctly). I arrived that Saturday morning… and Susan had a LARGE brown grocery bag for me LOL!!!! I LOVED IT!!!! The 3rd Saturday… I actual found myself getting there early. I had mentioned to Susan, that I had ran out of post it notes. Well guess what… she had the largest stack of post it notes that I had ever seen. Each Saturday… I literally felt “things” falling off of me. But just let me share... my past came at me full force. I had people calling me that I had not heard from for YEARS!! I’m talking YEARS!!! The enemy came at me FULL force. I know that Susan was praying for all the ladies during this time. We get to the final day!!! Just let me tell you… I felt as if I needed a U-Haul to bring my bag into that house that day. I had that shame come across me that day as well... but I had placed that in my bag… right? We sat through the last session that morning and then it was time… Time to nail it to the cross and burn our baggage. GIVE IT TOTALLY TO THE LORD!!! NO LOOKING BACK!! GONE!!! LET ME TELL YOU… the first strike of that hammer against that nail that was going into MY BAGGAGE… IT WAS FREEING!! I broke… I released… I let go... EVERY single strike against that nail was freeing!!! Then we took the baggage out to a fire pit and burnt our baggage!! I watched YEARS of shame, guilt, condemnation, torment… go up in flames!!!!! Beauty for ashes is what the Lord spoke to me and right after He had spoken those words to me... Dawn said them out loud to all the Ladies. We took communion that day and that was the most precious moment for me. I was a New Daughter in Christ. I was whole again. EVERYTHING GONE!!! I felt as if I was stepping on clouds. I AM FREE IN CHRIST JESUS!!! Praise the Lord! Keep doing what you’re doing!!! I’m so very thankful for your persistence. I love you My sister in Christ Jesus.

So very thankful,

Becca G.


Describing in words what Bloom has done for my life is hard, because sometimes there aren’t adequate words to express it. However, if I had to choose one word it would be Freedom. Because of the Bloom process I am FREE from Confusion as I broke soul ties with those things that added confusion and splitting in my psyche, free from a past that has haunted me for 30 years and controlled my actions, UNTIL NOW! Free from Guilt for things I did to hurt others, free from pain caused by my own actions and the actions of others. Free to pray for those who hurt me with true forgiveness in my heart. Free to love, laugh, and move forward in the joy God gives me. Free to love ME, and all my imperfectly perfect parts. But mostly I am FREE to go to Heaven, because I have forgiven others fully and completely, I can be forgiven the same way.

Penny A.

I have been living life for the Lord, off and on since my salvation as a young girl. Burying past hurts, shames and failures, and never realizing how damaged my inner soul had become. Fast forward to middle age, single mom and getting an opportunity to learn how to forgive and finally release the past with spiritual guidance from Susan and her Bloom Ministry is beyond one of many blessings and answered prayers! “Breaking Soul Ties” is one of my better choices and I encourage you to take this opportunity and grab hold of God’s promises!

Tammy D.


Since I was born, I have been raised in church. I never realized the power and inspiration a woman of God could and should have with other women. I have attended the Bloom Ladies Ministry twice and each time it has been life altering and life changing for me. It has made me take a more in-depth look at my life and the people I surround myself with. Most importantly it has made my relationship and my walk with God stronger. Bloom has been a blessing in my life and the ladies of Bloom are God-fearing and God-loving women who will make a difference in your life.

Michelle F.

The Bloom Process is an enlightening experience. This process opened my eyes to wounds that I thought were healed, unfortunately they were just buried and surfaced as fear, anger, and anxiety. I’ve learned that when I give it all to God, I really have to give it ALL to God. I better understand the power of forgiveness and what that means for my own peace and happiness. I’ve always known that God would fight my battles, but I learned better how to get out of His way. It’s an opportunity that I think all women should experience.

Erica S.

I can’t begin to tell you what a Blessing your ministry has been to me. I’ve been delivered from a hurtful, sinful past life. Like the woman at the well, Jesus has delivered me and gave me a beautiful new beginning. I’ve learned to forgive myself and love me for who I am. We all make mistakes and have failed in life. Jesus wipes the slate clean! Susan has taught me so much about forgiveness, breaking chains and being set free. I am the daughter of the King! I pray that the anointing increases on this ministry and love strengthens more ladies in Jesus Christ. Love you Susan.

Cindy H.


I would highly recommend any woman of any age to go through the Bloom process, the younger the better and then repeat it throughout your life because as they say, “life happens!” Every woman invests so much of themselves into others, they often forget or neglect to take care of themselves. I love the name Bloom because it causes you to look deep inside your heart to issues long buried. As God begins healing them, opening your heart happens as naturally as a blooming flower. The last day of the process is a powerful testimony of Gods redeeming love!! You definitely form a bond with your fellow bloomers and connect in sweet fellowship! I have felt a peace and strength after the process I didn’t feel before. I am very thankful for Susan and Dawn, two dear sisters, who love us enough to invest their time and talents in helping us through many tears and struggles to fully and completely BLOOM!!

Loretta S.

I have gone through this Bloom Process several times. What I love most is placing all my hurts and burdens in the brown bag. The best time is nailing it to the cross, being prayed over and then… we take those bags out and burn them in the fire pit. We then get to see God work those things out that we put in the bag. It has been awesome to watch things come to pass that I put in the bag. It’s like watching miracles take place after I finally give it all to the Lord.

Naomi O.

The Bloom Process has opened my eyes to things that I didn’t even realize I had within me. I had hurt and anger towards God from where my mother and father passed away when I was young. I didn’t know how God could be so loving yet take my very own mother away from me when I needed her the most. I had a lot of unforgiveness in my heart from my dad and what he had put me through. I had bitterness and pain. I had done Bloom several times, and each time I did it, another layer of hurt would come off. The last time I had done Bloom was Easter weekend and I had finally gotten to the root of the problem. There is something about nailing all your hurts and failures down on the cross of Jesus. It made me feel humble knowing that God loves everyone, but yet I had all this hurt inside of me that He never intended for me to carry. Once I had given everything up to Him and let it go, then a heavy burden was lifted off me. Once I burned it all in the fire, I knew that I couldn’t hold on to it anymore. The enemy couldn’t bring it back up again. Looking back, I am now able to give unforgiveness, bitterness and the hurt up right away and not let it take root in my heart. I am free from all the chains that the enemy had me bound with.

Morgan H.

Before I came to church and met Susan, I had come from a life history of abuse and pain. I thought I had forgiven all involved and overcame it, but after attending a Bloom Ministry weekend retreat in 2017, I came to the realization that I hadn’t overcome, I had merely just survived. I went through the Bloom process and let the Holy Spirit reveal the places that needed to be healed. WOW! I never knew it would lift such a weight off me. I felt as if I could have flown off that mountain. I have been through the Bloom process five times, and I still find things that have been deeply buried. I thank God for bringing me to a place where I can learn and grow under such godly wisdom. I now feel a freedom and peace I’ve never known before. As a result of that I feel compelled to share the freedom with other hurting women who are stuck in a hopeless, unforgiving mindset.

Paulette M.

I haven’t always walked with God. There was a dark space in my life that I had always hidden. I remember how my dad mistreated my mom when she was dying. After she died, he wanted to split us kids up but my grandmother kept us together. I was only a four-year-old little girl when he left. After that, I never got to see him and because of that I disliked him, to the point of hate. Later in my life I began attending church and there I surrendered my life to the Lord. My life was the best it had ever been. I was early in my walk with Christ, so I went to a Bloom Ladies Retreat. I had so many things to learn and I didn’t communicate well. I didn’t want to speak because I felt as though I didn’t know as much about Christ as they did. As we got into the Word, every day brought something different. I began to have a stronger desire to know more about Jesus and what He expected from me. The second Bloom Retreat is when I stepped out of my comfort zone and began to share what the Holy Spirit had revealed to me. I needed to forgive my father for not being there. I had a spirit of unforgiveness. The Holy Spirit revealed it through someone else’s testimony. As I shared this, I remember Susan telling me that was a form of bondage and that chain had to be broken. The ladies at the retreat gathered around me and they prayed until the Spirit of God filled the room. It was like the whole mountain lit up with the fire from Heaven. The last day we took those things that had us bound and nailed them to the cross and then burned them. The Lord took all my baggage on top of the mountain that weekend. Glory, I’m very thankful I didn’t leave like I went in. I left forgiven for that hatred that I didn’t even know I had. I now talk with my dad and I have found peace with him.

Denise P.

Susan and I met years ago, and we hit it off great, but we did not keep in touch as our lives moved on. We re-connected by the grace of God. He brought us back together, as I feel He knew I needed her friendship, love and women’s healing ministry. We met for lunch and she shared her Bloom Women’s Ministry to me, as I told her I had an unexpected loss of my husband recently and my heart was hurting terrible from losing my soul mate and did not know how to move on. I felt devastated. I joined her Bloom sessions for a 5-week course from Relationships, Soul Ties, Forgiveness and Inner Emotional Healing. I wasn’t sure exactly how to feel about it or even if I could get through it. But I must tell you it was an amazing healing experience with her love and prayers. My experience was very calming, reassuring and joyous as she provided encouraging, caring support, spiritual comfort and lots of love and prayer. She has a special way of making you feel loved by God no matter what you are feeling or going through. This process helped me let go of those difficult heartaches that was painful by understanding relationships, soul ties and forgiveness. I allowed myself to forgive my loved one for leaving me to raise my teenage daughter by myself, take care of our home, finances, and not being able to touch him ever again. Most importantly, forgiving God, trusting God again and reaching out in prayer to Him even more to help heal my shattered heart. Also, sharing with my daughter to follow and trust in God to help her heart heal during her difficult times. Through Susan’s process, her love and prayer totally allowed me to seek my own inner and emotional healing with scripture, prayer, and other women, that the process provided. I know I will always have information to look at when needed to assist me getting through difficult moments in time and continuing forward. It is with forgiveness of those we love and myself that are most difficult, but with your focus on God, all things are possible. He will provide us the peace, joy, gratitude and hope for our future. As those benefits, both mentally and physically are incredible to help in my healing process. As Susan teaches and explains the roles in the answer to forgiveness which lies within the Trinity…through Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit! So powerful!! Her process has provided me so much encouragement that you can overcome anything in your life with the knowledge, support, grace and love that she dedicates her life and love to women through God! She is a beautiful, loving, kind, inspirational woman with the grace of God guiding her!!! I would encourage any woman to seek out this process to help heal from your pain! God Bless!!

Love You Susan, with gratitude my Sweet Sister!!!

Lisa D.

This Bloom Process helped me learn how to TRULY forgive others and myself! I always claimed to forgive those who had wronged me. But there were always those nagging thoughts and reminders of what they had done. But through Bloom, I realized that I never forgave, I just pushed those memories deep down where I could hide them. I kind of clung to that unforgiveness. I used it to remind myself that I would never get close to people, I would never let them hurt me the way I was hurt by my “friends” and family. When I began writing the names down of all the people that wronged me and put those in my bag, I started writing my own name down. There were times I had lashed out at others, been selfish, inconsiderate, and just downright ugly to others. I saw my own fault in situations I did not see before. But going through this process, I had this peace and excitement. I just knew when I got to the end of this process, if I really let God walk me through these situations and memories that I had clung to for so long, that unforgiveness would be gone. I would nail all of it to the cross and burn it and then it would be UNDER THE BLOOD! Never to be brought up every time I saw these people or even when I looked in the mirror! I saw that cross as my freedom! I was so ready to give it to Jesus! And He bore all my burdens so willingly. He gave it all for me because He loves me! Bloom helped me realize that I wasn’t too far gone, that I could start over! I can be a better mother, wife, and friend because of what happened to me. God gave me a gift; I can use my voice to lift him up. And I am so ready to walk in the fullness of what God has planned for me!

Kaylea H.


Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am so very thankful for you doing this Bloom Process! You have no idea how much bitterness and hurt I had hidden within. I had forgotten so much from the past, but I have never felt as free as I do now. I never knew how holding on to things could hold you back spiritually, and honestly I feel better mentally and emotionally. Although I really didn’t want to remember certain things from my past because of the pain, remembering them helped me truly heal from them. And I have honestly forgiven every single person for every single thing! I thought I had forgiven some of them, but this process showed me I hadn’t, and what I needed to do to free myself of the negative things in my life. Freeing myself from all soul ties and generational curses gives me hope and peace within to better become the woman of God that God wants me to be. Although I didn’t know all generational curses in my family, I asked for all to be broken. Knowing what I do now, I can immediately rebuke Satan and all negative thoughts and sayings towards me. Because now I know and believe I am wonderfully and beautifully made which was something I didn’t think was true about myself. I believe every woman needs to go through this process. It has changed my life and outlook on a lot of things, especially my words. I didn’t realize the power they had. I wish I had known about this process years ago, but I am so very thankful that I had the opportunity to go through this process to free myself in so many ways and areas of my life.

Teresa J.

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