Whatever it is you are facing today, know that Jesus cares. He’s concerned about everything going on in your life. Nothing escapes Him. You may be in what some would call a Wilderness. Maybe you feel that you will never reach your promised land.

The wilderness was never meant to be your destination. What you must ask yourself is, “Have I learned the lesson God is trying to teach me in the wilderness? Have I developed the character that will be necessary in the promised land?”

God prepares us for that promised land. There are lessons to learn in the wilderness – but if you still have an Egypt mentality, you will grumble and complain, and because of that God will keep you in the wilderness. The number one lesson we must learn while in the wilderness is that God is our sole provider. We only have “anything” because of the Lord. God will show you His power, love, protection and provision while in the wilderness.

It’s time we cut away the dead places from our heart. The question we must ask the Lord is, “What are You trying to teach me? Show me Lord what it is You’re trying to teach me.” The wilderness is the place where you will truly meet God.

In the wilderness we must get closer to the Lord. Difficulties are always sent to teach us lessons. The wilderness molds you, toughens you, and strengthens you so you can enjoy the promised land.

God has provided everything you will need in the wilderness. You have amazing blessings from the Lord but do you thank him? Do you keep wanting something new? Something different because you’re unhappy or you’re bored with what you currently have? God wants to fix you, not keep giving you the “next best thing” because you will never be satisfied. The wilderness is used to fix you and to make you into what the Lord wants you to be.

God doesn’t pour great blessings into broken vessels.

Susan Bolinger - Bloom Ladies Ministry

Bloom Ladies Ministry is now blogging! I will share encouragement from myself and great writers like Lysa TerKeurst, Christine Caine, Stormie O’Martian and many others but I have a special new writer I want to introduce to you. Her name is Kirstie Cornett and she has an amazing gift from the Lord.

kirstie loves to dive deep in the Word of God and when she resurfaces, she brings with her new revelation. Sign up today to get a daily dose of encouragement from Susan, Kirstie and more from Bloom Ladies Ministries!

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Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand (Proverbs 19:21, ESV).

Some of the most memorable times I have of God working in me and through me have happened when I was interrupted.

I wasn’t planning for anything. I certainly wasn’t ready for anything. But God was okay with that. He didn’t need me to be “ready,” however I might define being ready. He simply needed me to be available.

So, in those times when our schedules get thrown off, when we encounter people who seemingly divert us from our original goal, let’s not react in frustration but choose to be open to God doing something amazing and surprising. After all, those interruptions might just be opportunities for God to do what only He can do through us. We just need to be willing and available!